Gear Up

We've been around the block, and we know the real reason creators keep creating: their fans. We give our talent network the tools to find people who think you're as awesome as we do! Along the way, we can help secure sponsorships, launch campaigns and increase awareness.

Content Calendar

Keep up to date with game releases, shows, events, and conferences with our updated content calendar

Royalty Free Music, 150,000 tracks and FX

Stop worrying about finding cleared music or verifying rights. Our massive libraries of audio and sound effects allow you to find the material you need with rights pre-cleared for your use.

Merchandising outlet for custom apparel

Supercharge your brand with personalized clothing and accessories. T-shirts, hoodies, hats, mugs, iPhone cases and many other accessories.

Performance and Financial Analytics

Machinima has the tools that help you track your performance across your channels and help you estimate your revenue.

Community Support and Help Desk

Machinima’s Talent Services team is here to help you with all your questions, development needs and challenges.

Best Practices, guidance and support

Machinima provides help with audience growth, Search Engine Optimization, Social media management, and many other production tips to help expand your reach.

Multi Channel Account Services

The Machinima Console can help you track all of your channels on YouTube as well as other distribution platforms.


YouTube is only one of the many channels that Machinima can provide you access to. Machinima provides content to Verizon go90, Amazon, Twitch, PlayStation Vue, AMC Networks International and many more.



When growing your audience, distribution is key. The wider, the better. Machinima offers the widest distribution in the business, professionally configured for maximum visibility, coverage, and earnings across the entire digital frontier. We put your content everywhere your fans live.

And More!